Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1999/03/31

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Subject: [Leica] which M for me
From: "Gary and Dawn Klein" <>
Date: Wed, 31 Mar 1999 20:03:41 -0600

As I have had only 1 M camera in my life, my M4-2, I can say it is a well
worn friend.  Just back from an overhaul and recovering it is better than
new.  I shot some photos with it and it is right on the button now!   What I
like about it is that it has the classic framelines 35 50 90 135.  I never
felt the need to put M4-p and up frame lines into it.  An M3 is on my future
wish list however.  I like old stuff.  Already have a classic 50mm f2.8
elmar for that lucky M3.  Will be overhauled of course so it is perfectly
functional.  Of course one thing at a time.

I know.  I have a prism Nikon F I have had since my college days, that I
will never ever sell. It has a certain fell in the shutter release, a
certain way in how it works that to me means the original design was right
the first time. Same goes for my Nikon F2T. Yeah I know some of you have
never liked F2 bodies, but be assured the last ones came out right.

Perhaps the future M3 or an M4 I will have someday, has the same karma. My
cameras will never be jewels to look at.  They are all in the user camp.
Not beat, even though I used them for photojournalism for a long time
(company now supplies gear).  Always took care as I had to pay for them.

Could any of you out there tell me if I would be less pleased with a dual
stroke M3 as opposed to the single stroke model.  I don't think the earlier
style would bother me.  Do any of you have a reason as to why I wouldn't
like an earlier one?  Any one I get will get the overhaul treatment.