Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1999/03/05

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Subject: Re: [Leica] Re: A Simple M6 Question
From: "Paul Klingaman" <>
Date: Fri, 05 Mar 1999 08:19:09 PST

Lug Members,

My apologies for clogging up the list with this senseless bickering.  
However, I must express a reaction to this letter, to which I'm sure 
will find its way to Mr. Gandy:

>> Hi Miles,
>> thanks for note.  as you know, there are two sides of every story.
>> this voice called up on the phone,  he didn't have the courtesy to 
>> himself.

I'm sorry Stephen, who didn't have the courtesy to identify himself? Do 
you recall answering the telephone, "Hello...(silence)"; and not "Hello, 
Stephen Gandy speaking."  Do you recall me having to ask if I'd dialed 
the correct exchange because it didn't sound as though I'd reached a 
camera dealer?  Again, my apologies 

   he asked why my 20th production M6 was priced at $3500 and his
>> local shop priced a M6 at $1400.    I literally couldn't believe the
>> question.   if he read the page, he should have been smart enough to 
>> that out all by himself.   after I answered him that the price was 
becasue of
>> the early serial #, he asked me again, like the answer would change 
if he asked
>> again.

I fail to see the correlation between one's familiarity of the value of 
an m6 and his/her intelligence.  You didn't anwser my question at all, 
that's why I asked again.  You danced around it like a politician.  You 
replied that there are many 'different kinds' of M6's out there (more 
silence).  You said nothing of the early serial number.  In fact, I told 
you that the M6 at my local shop seemed to meet the criteria of the 
early production M6's listed on your page, and that is why I was curious 
of the differences in price tag. Is this *that* hard to understand??

>> he talked in a confused  manner.  I wondered what was going on with 
the guy.

I spoke clearly and phrased my question simply.

>> In NO way did he make it clear to me that the source of his confusion 
was his
>> local shop which supposedly claims to have a "20th Production M6."     
>> if he had,  how can I evaluate what his local shop is doing....that 
>> he even has the story right on what his local shop is selling??
>> first he calls me up to ask about what his local shop is doing 
instead of
>> asking them,  then he asks the LUG what I did, instead of asking me.
>> you see a pattern here??

I don't see your point.  You are the SELLER here.  You posted an item, a 
price, and a phone number.  Be prepared to cater to people who are 
thinking of buying it.  As far as aking the LUG list about this, what 
better resource is there?

>> It takes all kinds, and anyone can complain of being treated rudely,  
even if
>> they weren't.   any reaction he got from me was in direct reaction to 
his own
>> strange had to be there to understand it.
>> Stephen 

You're right Stephen, it does take all kinds, and yes, I was treated 
rudely.  There are those that will laugh as they see someone clumsily 
trying to learn something new, and there are those that well lend a 
hand.  Stephen, give me a break, I had the tact *not* to indicate your 
name out of respect to you and your business, please don't disrespect me 
or my intelligence simply because you cannot justify the prices at which 
you sell your cameras or your lack of customer service.  Is it any 
wonder that there are others who feel they have been treated in a 
similar manner?   

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