Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1999/03/04

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Subject: [Leica] OFF-TOPIC! Hotels/motels near Logan Airport, Boston
From: (Pieter Bras)
Date: Thu, 04 Mar 1999 18:17:38 -0500

Alex Hurst <> wrote:
>On our arrival at Logan in June, we're picking up some wheels for our
>trip to Vermont.
>However, we'd like to crash out overnight somewhere within easy driving
>distance of the airport, as driving on the wrong side of the road with
>jetlag is not a good way to prolong your life.
>Anyone got any recommendations for good motels/hotels in the area?

If you're looking for a place to stay around Boston, you've got a huge
number of choices, suitable for every taste and pocketbook.  May I
suggest that you AVOID the airport hotels?  You would be marooned in a
wasteland of highways, parking lots, and concrete block structures that
resembles every other airport in the world, complete with high prices,
"generic" accomodations, and aircraft noise (it's a VERY busy airport).

Also avoid the chain motels out in the suburban wilderness.  These are
typically situated next to a highway, between a shopping mall and an
office park.  Not very inspiring!

If you'd prefer to stay in a "luxury" hotel, there are plenty downtown
which will give you an opportunity to stroll about and do some
sight-seeing/picture-taking.  At least some of these hotels offer a
"free" shuttle from the airport (and their daily rate is high enough to
cover this service).

More cost effective and very nice also are a number of bed-and-breakfast
establishments that have sprung up intown, usually in a converted old
mansion.  (For instance there are several of these within a short walk
of where I live, near Harvard Square in Cambridge.)

Spend the first day in a quality environment, then pick up your car the
following morning.

Even further off-topic:

A while back you wondered whether there were any "Irish" pubs here that
served Murphy's Stout.  I'm not sure what you think makes for an
authentic Irish pub, but can assure you that the Murphy's is plentifully
available.  You would have to be more specific about details such as
menu, live music, percentage of floor space devoted to pool tables, etc.

As for the Murphy's, I've tried it and found it OK but not better than
the local micro-brews, which you should certainly try out.  When in Rome...

Just my opinions, of course.

Best regards,
- -- 
Pieter Bras