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Subject: Re: [Leica] Definition of a Professional
From: Mark Rabiner <>
Date: Wed, 24 Feb 1999 14:43:46 -0800

D Khong wrote:
> Mark Rabiner wrote:
> >What if you earned a Minor part of your total living in Photographer?.
> >When someone tries to hire you should you give them fair warning? Should
> >it say so in your Yellow Pages add?
> >I can see my yellow pages add 15 years ago:
> >"And now after five years struggling as a hospital orderly on weekends
> >to support my photostudio on the weekdays I now (as a result of a single
> >job I did for Georgia Pacific) make more shooting than I do pushing
> >wheelchairs. I am now a real Professional photographer! So hire me for
> *&%&()*^%$."
> >No, I think its a question of commitment and somebody gives you a dollar
> >for a print at one point.
> >
> So are you telling us that a highly committed photographer who earns $12
> selling 12 prints in 1998 (and who also collects more than that from social
> security) is called a professional?
> What in your view constitutes a fair warning for clients?
> Dan K.

For Me:
1. Camera
2. Film
3. Portfolio (with pictures in it)
4. Busness Card
5. Yellow pages listing
6. Price list
7. Work Order Form
8. Phone
9. Studio(optional)
10.Edward Westons Daybooks

Day One:
"Ring, Ring (Burrr Burrr(french translation))"
"Mark Rabiner Studio"
"Is this Mark Rabiner?"
"This is Mark Rabiner"
"How much for a headshot?"
"Wow! That's cheep, The last guy quoted me $400. you must be not very good!?"
"Your Right. I'm not only not very good, but I also have no Professional
experience, but what do you want for $40 bucks?"
"That's OK I'll pay the other guy $400 bucks"
"How about $30 bucks?"
Mark Rabiner	In your Dreams