Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1999/01/27

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Subject: Re: Split printing...WAS: [Leica] Focomat V35 enlarger.
Date: Wed, 27 Jan 1999 12:55:05 -0800


I've been doing the split printing now for several years and find it really
great and helpful. I use it with Saunders LPL 67 VCCE enlarger. I also
found, that one has to do the higher grade exposure before the lower grade
to see a difference.

For those who want to try it, a simple start is: find you exposure for G2
filter, let's say it is 12 seconds, process your print and keep it for
reference. Then, using the same negative, expose the print at 6 seconds for
G3 and 6 seconds for G1. Process as usual, dry both prints and compare.
That's where I saw the difference. Once you are convinced that you want to
use this technique, you can experiment with different grades and exposure
time proportions (1/3 + 2/3, etc.). It is simplest on the systems where the
exposure times are constant across all the grades. In case of the MG
filters, for example, you have to take in account the exposure time
increase for grades 3.5 to 5.