Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1999/01/26

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Subject: Re: [Leica] Re: Passport
From: (David Morton)
Date: Tue, 26 Jan 1999 19:02 +0000 (GMT Standard Time)

Walter S Delesandri writes:

> Well, David, it's simple....I'll say it our culture, 
> (and in my family's opinion, when I was growing up...) there were 
> things that were "necessary" and things that were "extravagances"...
> Cars, houses, furniture, lawn equipment (beyond the basic $125
> lawnmower)  were "essentials".....cameras and audio and watches
> etc. weren't!!!
> It was "OK" to have a $1000 lawnmower, a $15000+ car, and "new" 
> furniture (when the old was FINE - and comfortable)....AND a 
> $29 camera, just to take care of the "necessary" pictures (kids).
> To have a $1000 car, $100 lawnmower, old (SOLID) furniture with 
> scratches, etc. AND  $10,000 worth of camera and audio equipment 
> is consider "frivolous" or "irresponsible"....even though the 
> above mentioned stuff meets my needs exactly!!
> I didn't say that I commented on my neighbor's purchases -- IT"S 
> THE OTHER WAY AROUND!!!  If you make snide comments about my 
> Leica or my old car, then I'm gonna go after your bass boat....

But why do you care? I'm reminded of the quotation from Epictetus: 
"Whatever principles you put before you, hold fast to them as impious to 
transgress. Worry not what others think about you for that is beyond your 

Look at it another way: I'm a SYSOP on a Compuserve forum (FLEET, the UK 
journalists' forum). One of the other SYSOPs is a columnist on The Times. 
In Saturday's column he revealed that his cancer (which we all thought was 
responding well to treatment) has returned, and is inoperable. They've 
told him he has 6 months without chemotherapy, and 12-18 with. He has two 
children under 10.

Ponder that for even a brief moment, and it puts all the stuff about 
'Leica stigma', who designs and makes which lenses, and how many aspheric 
elements are in what lens into perspective.

This isn't intended as a put-down to you or anyone else here, but for me 
it was a wake-up call about what's really important.

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