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Subject: Re: [Leica] Pros have an excuse. : )>>>>>>>
From: Greg Locke <>
Date: Sun, 17 Jan 1999 12:13:18 -0300

At 11:37 PM 16/01/99 -0600, you wrote:

>I once had a 200mm f2 nikkor, which  I know was about the sharpest lens
>Nikon ever made, but it was sold to help finance a house down payment. 

        This lens is one of the few reasons I have for maintaining a Nikon
system...and coupled to the 1.4X converter you got a 300 (almost) f2.8

Like you said, selling it would certainly finance other lenses I would like
but then I would be without a lens that makes me money.
Better to use it to make enough money to get the NEW lens...then I can have

While we have gear that gets used most of the time, most Pro's need a full
range of equipment to do their job effectively. This not only means a full
range of lenses but sometimes different systems.

While (here comes the blasphemy!) the Noct is a fine, fast lens, personally
I SELDOM have use for a 50mm focal length. I find it not wide enough and not
telephoto enough.
Because of personal "style", I guess, I prefer to use 35 and 75 or 90. Much
greater flexibility and range of opportunity.

Being the first person to ever say something negative about the Noct-o-lust,
I fully expect to be stoned and banished  ":^O

"Sla'inte chugat!"
Greg Locke <>                               
St. John's, Newfoundland. 
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