Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1999/01/01

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Subject: [Leica] Re: Landscapes Advice
From: Jim Brick <>
Date: Fri, 01 Jan 1999 14:07:59 -0800


What you have asked will fill volumes. I have been taking landscapes with
my R cameras for 23 years, Alpa before that.

In a nutshell...

I use Velvia at EI 40.

I use one or two of the following filters, depending upon conditions:

Polarizer, KR3, ND Grad, 4x ND. B+W, Heliopan, and Leica brands. Mostly B+W.

I use a carbon Gitzo tripod as I have found it to absorb camera vibrations
better than the extra heavy metal tripods. And it sure is easier to carry!
I have a "Steady Hook" screwed into the bottom of the centerpost and I hang
something heavy on it. Camera bag, large bean bag, folding bucket filled
with rocks/dirt, etc. This helps absorb and dampen any centerpost vibrations.

I always use Mirror Lock Up. You cannot, so AVOID 1/15, 1/8, and 1/4 sec
exposures. These are deadly to image sharpness.

A reasonably long (12 to 18 inches) cable release. Or electric release
cable via the electric release plug on the winder. This cannot be used with
MLU however. You don't have this problem with an R4.

I print Cibachrome (Ilfochrome Classic Glossy) prints. Many times requiring
a contrast mask.

If you are careful, and do everything correctly, you can print stunning


PS... The difference between professional film and amateur film is that all
of the Pro film is guaranteed to be at the same aging level, hence
refrigeration to retard the aging process. Amateur film ages as it sits on
the store shelf, or in your camera bag. Professional photographers need
consistency across film batches. But the film, amateur and Pro, is the same

At 04:02 PM 1/1/99 -0500, Peter wrote:
>I am planning on taking some landscapes and would like to have some opinions
>on the following ( I have and R4 with 35, 50 and 135 mm lenses and will be
>using a very sturdy tripod:
>--I will be using a very slow color film--which would be the preferred ones?
>And should I stick to using slide film--like Kodachrome 25--and have the
>slides printed or stick with color print film. And if so, printed how? I
>plan on large blow-ups--maybe 16x20. What is the difference between regular
>Kodachrome and "Pro" Kodachrome?
>--What would be the best filters to use to keep the skies from coming out
>And which are the best make of filters to buy?
>Thanks in advance. I hope these questions are appropriate for this list.
>Peter in NJ