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Subject: RE: [Leica] war photographers
From: Jeremy Kime <>
Date: Mon, 30 Nov 1998 18:06:44 -0000

I don't know Gene, I merely know of his work, his book, his reputation, his
clients, widely regarded (in England I suppose) as the best printer in his
time here. Larry Bartlett probably gave him a run for his money but he died,
sadly, a year or so ago. Jon Tarrant handled the sale of all of his (seven
or eight) V35s.
Seems like a 'helluva guy', I'm not surprised you can trust his work. Sorry
to hear he's caught in the horns of a dilemma re: his domicilic location
(phew! almost getting literary here...) .
I can imagine those Friday evenings would be rather enjoyable.


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> From:	Donal Philby []
> Jem,
> How do you know Gene?  His wife is back in London working for a
> photographer.  He has one daughter in school in England and one about to
> start at Univ.of So. California and a big, expensive house in SD that is
> mostly empty because he is working so much.  Thinking about going back
> to London, but hates to leave daughter here alone.  But his wife, who is
> English, missed home too much to stay.  So they have a intercontinental
> marriage right now.  
> I'll have to ask Gene about Don's techniques for printing.  I took some
> 4x5 over to him to process and print on Friday (first BW assignment in
> two years! and that was only backup to the color.) He has finished McC's
> AutoB, so I get it back finally.  Gene is wonderful resource.  He is the
> only guy I can take film to, have him process, proof, pick something,
> print and deliver to client--and I can trust his work.  We have darkroom
> in studio but I don't use it enough to keep fresh D76.  He still gets
> film in from all over the world to print.  I was there a while back and
> he was running 400 rolls of horses from Vavra.  And still, every Friday
> night he has a free open house discussion of BW photography/printing.
> donal
> -- 
> Donal Philby
> San Diego