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Subject: RE: [Leica] Best photography books
From: "B. D. Colen" <>
Date: Sun, 29 Nov 1998 16:34:13 -0500

Yes indeed - there are two terrific Eugene Smith books out is
from Aperture and about half the book is an extended essay/biography...This
was apparently the catalogue that accompanied a massive Smith show that
toured in the mid-late 80s. The second book has far more photos...I believe
the second is called E. Eugene Smith, I'm not sure of the title of the
first...the photos in both are amazing...lots of Pittsburgh stuff, and work
from As Out My Window I Sometimes the Country Doctor and Midwife

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> Subject: [Leica] Best photography books
> I was reviewing my own pitifully small collection of photography books -
> both the technique oriented kind and the fifteen pound coffee table kind.
> With the holiday season fast approaching (what would you like for
> Christmas
> dear - other than a Noctilux?), I was wondering what books people were
> especially fond of?  Doesn't even have to be Leica specific.
> I'll start the ball rolling with Ken Duncan's book called The Great South
> Land.  Ken is Australian and works with a Linhof 617S.  (Interestingly
> enough, he uses a Nikon N90 for a light meter).  Lovely sweeping
> images of a
> wonderful sweeping land.
> As an aside, I was there earlier this year and would recommend Tasmania
> without qualification.  The people are terrific, the scenery is wondrous,
> Hobart is charming, and Port Arthur (the penal facility) is haunting.  If
> you can't find something to photograph there, you're simply beyond hope.
> I might also nominate 75 Years of Leica Photography but I'll bet there's
> even better stuff out there.
> On a parallel track, if there are Luggers out there with books in
> publication (we've heard about two in the last month or so), I'd love to
> hear about them as well.
> Thoughts?
> Kevin Hoffberg