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Subject: Re: [Leica] Best photography books
From: "phong (Doan huu Phong)" <>
Date: Sun, 29 Nov 1998 16:49:05 -0500

Hi Kevin,

    My nomination: Stay This Moment by Sam Abell.   Coincidentally,
    the photographs were taken with Leica equipment.  Also ShadowLight
    by Freeman Patterson.  In both cases,  artistry without contrivance.
    I prefer Sam Abell for people pictures, Freeman Patterson for abstract

- - Phong

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From: Khoffberg <>
Subject: [Leica] Best photography books

>I was reviewing my own pitifully small collection of photography books -
>both the technique oriented kind and the fifteen pound coffee table kind.
>With the holiday season fast approaching (what would you like for Christmas
>dear - other than a Noctilux?), I was wondering what books people were
>especially fond of?  Doesn't even have to be Leica specific.
>I'll start the ball rolling with Ken Duncan's book called The Great South
>Land.  Ken is Australian and works with a Linhof 617S.  (Interestingly
>enough, he uses a Nikon N90 for a light meter).  Lovely sweeping images of
>wonderful sweeping land.
>As an aside, I was there earlier this year and would recommend Tasmania
>without qualification.  The people are terrific, the scenery is wondrous,
>Hobart is charming, and Port Arthur (the penal facility) is haunting.  If
>you can't find something to photograph there, you're simply beyond hope.
>I might also nominate 75 Years of Leica Photography but I'll bet there's
>even better stuff out there.