Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1998/11/21

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Subject: Re: AW: [Leica] Loupes in Photim Boutique
From: "Robert G. Stevens" <>
Date: Sat, 21 Nov 1998 23:40:20 -0400

Nathan and Bob:

Not to retract my previous post about the Pentax 5-11 zoom loupe, but I
went back to the shop with the intentions to buy it but found it did not
offer full coverage of a slide at 5X and cetainly a lot less at 11X.  It
was a lot of money and I could not justify it.  Since I do not have a 50mm
R lens anymore, I could not use that as a loupe.  I asked the shop keeper
if he had any used 50mm lens cheap.  He came up with a brand new 50mm Canon
Fd mount auto focus lens from the T80.  I compared it to the Pentax and it
was sharper.  It is only about 6X, but placed front element down on the
light table, it would view full frame.  I paid $20 for it brand new out of
the box.  The shop keeper said that they could not order the T80's without
a standard lens and they had five or six new ones still in the stock room
from years ago.

So for those looking for a good loupe, don't overlook a cheap used 50mm
lens.  If you want more than 6x, I guess you will probably have to buy a
regular loupe.



At 06:43 PM 11/21/98 EST, you wrote:
>Congratulations I think that you made a very prudent decision.  I have also
>ordered the 5 to 11x Pentax Zoom Loupe.  I will exchange the 5.5x when it
>arrives. I am sure you will be happy and I am looking forward to hearing
>it when you get it.
>Bob Bedwell
><< Bernhard,
> I was not aware of that, and apparently neither was the shop owner (in his
> defense, he had just received it and had not played with it before).
> it still seems a stiff price to pay for only 5x magnification (I already
> a perfectly good 4x Horizon loupe). So I think I will get the Pentax Zoom
> Loupe which goes from 5x to 11x magnification.
> Nathan
>  >>