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Subject: RE: [Leica] 90 Summicron/Elmarit
From: "B. D. Colen" <>
Date: Fri, 18 Sep 1998 09:20:42 -0400

Alan - I use my initials as my first name...So B. D. it is....Some days it's
"Bad Dude," many other's it's "Brain Dead.." :-)
I appreciate your comment on the 90s...I must say that if I could basically
trade my 90 summicron for the latest version of the 90 Elmar M I'd do it in
a heartbeat. I like having the extra stop, but I'd trade that for the light
weight and compactness, as well as the razor sharpness...

Isn't there something a bit bizarre, by the way, about paying for Leica
optics and then using a filter to soften them?
 Best - B.D.

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> Subject: Re: [Leica] 90 Summicron/Elmarit
> B. D. Colen wrote:
> > ...<CUT>...
> > When ever I used the 90 2.8 to photograph my wife or any of her friends
> > they'd hate what I'd get because they could see every charcter
> line or flaw
> > on their faces. With the 90 f2 they complain, but not as much. (;o{ )#x
> B.D. (sorry, cannot figure out your first name),
> I use the 90 2.8 mainly fo that application (casual portraits), an it
> works great, especially on kids and young women (example on
> ). It is
> true it brings the character out of a face and does not allow any
> cheating. But I do love the bokeh of that lens, which is an important
> factor for portraits, and I find the 'roundness" of the backgrounds
> counterbalances the 'sharpness' of the focused point. For some
> situations (new born with mum), I mellow it down just a little with a
> Nikon Soft nr 1. The effect is very subtle. And is repeatable (which
> might not be the case with crushed cellophane).
> I can see no need for the new 90mm asph-apo f2 for my usage: it seems to
> me it implies the HM body for reliable focusing wide open at portrait
> distances, and I would finally only gain 1 stop at very great financial
> cost. Better of with a s/h 85mm f1.4 from virtually any SLR maker for
> those low light situations or even with a Summilux. I have not seen any
> independent benchmarks for that new lens, but I would be very surprised
> if it did better than the Elmarit from f2.8 on.
> Friendly regards
> Alan.