Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1998/09/11

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Subject: [Leica] Content-Type: text/plain
From: "Jeremy Bodan" <>
Date: Fri, 11 Sep 1998 02:34:06 PDT

Hi LUGers,

I think I have lurked long enough... I have learned so much from reading 
this group that I think it's high time I tried to give something back.  
So, I have three issues I'd like to contribute to, if you would all bear 
with me...

1) Disguising the Leica

I like to tape over the "Leica M6" but leave the red dot alone.  Why?  
Because people have come up to me and asked if the camera was made by 
Mattel, which incidentally uses a very similar logo.  I tape the white 
lettering over because it saves me from having to educate somebody about 
Leica cameras when all I want to do is shoot.  It's not because I'm 
concerned about getting it stolen... which brings me to my next point.

2) Security

On a trip, nothing beats having insurance to cover your gear in case it 
gets broken or stolen.  But, even tho you may be covered, if your gear 
is swiped you're still without your beloved cameras for the remainder of 
your trip!   I have found a good solution.  I recently purchased an 
alarm system for my camera bag.  The way it's set up is that a receiver 
unit, about the size of a small cell phone, goes into your bag.  The 
transmitter unit, about the size of a car alarm control, goes on your 
person.  When armed, if you are separated from your bag by more than 10 
or 40 feet (user selectable), a 110db alarm on the receiver unit in your 
bag goes off, and doesn't shut itself off until you're back within the 
specified distance.  This works both ways: either someone takes your 
bag, or you get absent minded and forget to take it with you.  The unit 
is called "Track-IT" and you can see it at

3) Turn your M6 into a digital camera

I don't know if anyone here is aware of it yet, but a company in 
California just came out with a digital attachment that they claim will 
fit any 35mm camera and convert it into a megapixel digicam.  Check it 
out at

Hope these bits of info help some of you out!!

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