Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1998/09/02

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Subject: [Leica] [DR Summicron on the M6] Stupid Archives - Help
Date: Wed, 2 Sep 1998 15:42:41 EDT

   Thank you Pieter, Doug and Mark - but the fact that they work on Marcs
    M6s is of no help to me as I am trying to ascertain the reason for them
    not working on all.  Is the camera version or the lens version the
    I am not talking about  the lens fitting on,  but the ability to use the

    I will request the archives from the list that Pieter Blas was so kind to
    to send me but I was asking if anyone could remember if a conclusion
    was ever drawn or was the subject just left hanging in "Limbo" like so
    many threads on the LUG.

    Personally I find the archives very inadequate to work with, unless you
    are a computer expert with a very sophisticated SORTING program!!!!!
    The LUGnuts that snidely remark to newbies "check the archives" have
    probably never extensively done so themselves.

    If someone can enlighten me with a simple way to recover information
    without knowing the approximate date - I would be very appreciative.

    ----- and now back to Leica, even though I do find all these tangents of
    interest because the true feathers of the serious user as opposed to the
    "not just anti-semetic"  but "anti everything" bigoted Leicaphile shows up
    and as my favorite philosopher said  "The enemy has landed and they
    are us".

    Mary G.
   Mary G.  wrote:
   Will someone please tell me what the concensus and conclusion was in
   why some DRs will work on some M6s & not on others. Is it because of
   the 2 variations of the spectacles or in the shrouding of the early & the
   later M6s ?
>  I've lost the postings on this subject, so can't help you directly. I
>  needed this info myself earlier this month when I was offered an M6
>  which was was made at Wetzlar in 1987, but was unable to track it
>  down.
>  However according to the "Early M6 vs Late M6" page on Stephen Gandy's
>  websight, in early M6s "The interior light baffle shroud behind the
>  lens mount is round except on the top where the RF coupling mechanism
>  is. The shroud has cut outs on four corners, corresponding to the four
>  corners of the negative, apparently to allow the mounting of deeply
>  recessed lenses. These cut outs may allow lens mounting that the
>  earlier M6 bodies would not. Apparently this is why 50/2 Dual Range
>  Summicrons will not mount properly on early M6 bodies."