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Subject: Re: COPY: Re: [Leica] First week of shooting with my new R7 - HELP!
From: "Ted Grant" <>
Date: Sun, 30 Aug 1998 00:10:12 PDT

Francesco wrote:
>In general, my best shots are divided between the M6 and the R bodies, 
but my favorite shots are the ones I know I took with the M6 since they 
tend to be the ones where the subjects did not know I was around!>>>>>>

Francesco, I think this is a personal thing as I've shot with R and M 
cameras for years and some of them I can't tell the difference, other 
than the content tells me which camera I used.

I agree people don't usually know when you are shooting with an M 
camera, the beauty of the machine, but after you become more experinced 
with the R camera, you'll find you become more proficient and use it in 
away that "you" do not make a distinction between the images you make.

>I definitely SEE differences between slides shot with tripod and MLU
>and handheld slides, but I agree that handheld shots can approach
>perfection with proper firing technique which I have yet to master.

Well I guess with subjects being shot with slow shutter speeds requiring 
a tripod, MLU or not, you will see a difference between hand held and 
tripod. However, in general every day shooting I've never been able to 
see the difference one to the other M or R. 

>Do you who use the soft release fire with your fingertip or with the 
>second joint?>>>>

Hell I just move my finger with no more thought than squeezing down. One 
thing to keep in mind and that is if you are thinking about all the 
things you have to do, you are not spending time shooting pictures!

Just some thoughts from far off Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia  between sports 
venues! :)


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