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Subject: Re: [Leica] Re: buying used Leica equipment
From: Nathan Wajsman <>
Date: Thu, 27 Aug 1998 23:06:50 +0200


"Latest" should mean the most recent version. However, I would really rely on the
serial number. You can find out when a camera or lens was made by using the
information in books such as the Leica Pocket Guide (6th ed., Hove Collectors
Book) or in some of the other fine books. The information is also available on
some web sites. For example, on Erwin Puts' web site you can find out all about
the various versions of the lenses (but not the exact year of manufacture of a
particular lens). See at:

And finally, ask questions here. Guido is a real expert at dating Leica stuff.

Nathan wrote:

> Question from a new Leicaphile: if I want to buy the latest version of a lens,
> for instance, does the word "latest" honestly signify the most recent version.
> Or should I be asking for the serial number and comparing it to some chart
> which correlates serial numbers with production line?  If yes, how do you
> determine by knowing the serial number what year or from what country the lens
> was produced?

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Nathan Wajsman
Overijse, Belgium

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