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Subject: [Leica] beginner cameras
Date: Tue, 21 Jul 1998 09:44:36 EDT

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<<Subject: Re: [Leica]If Leica is too expensive what would be the
actually, my first camera, which I still think of fondly, was a Kodak Pony 828
which, with 8 shots per roll, tought me to look carefully for photos and how
to expose and process film. The short lengths of film were easy to handle.
From there I went to an Exa IIa whose Zeiss-inspired lenses were excellent.

I gave my son a Praktica with three lenses I found at a yard sale for $100 --
it works well, takes excellent pictures and when the 15-year old skateboarder
finally crashes with it in his back pack we won't be out much.

If he ever shows enough interest I might help him buy a Canon or Minolta or
something similar. The point is for him to have a tool that meets his needs,
not some particular brand. 
ogden ut