Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1998/07/02

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Subject: Re: [Leica] A request for enlightenment: IIIc vs IIIg?
From: Hunt <>
Date: Thu, 02 Jul 1998 16:34:49 -0400

IIIc doesn't have flash synch, but it fits in your shirt pocket.
IIIg has flash synch, a "bright line" 50mm viewfinder that is slightly
easier to see with glasses, a 90mm indicator in the 50mm frame, and is
taller.  It really doesn't fit in a shirt pocket, even with the Elmar
lens. The IIIg film takeup spool fits the M3/M2 and is more easily
replaced  when you lose it.  The IIIg is 10 years newer.
The IIIc is easier to repair.
The M4-P doesn't have a built-in light meter.  The M5, CL, and M6 have
built-in meters. Good luck!

Erich Champion wrote:
> Hi,
> Could anyone summarize the practical differences between the Leica IIIc and
> IIIg screw-mount camera bodies? Right now, the only difference I'm aware of is
> price. The IIIc is affordable, while the IIIg costs as much as an M6. From
> recent discussions, I think I have a good idea as to what screw-mount lenses
> to consider, but I have no idea what body I might put them on. I'm just
> considering this body as a user camera. Rangefinder Leica's didn't come with a
> light meter until the M4-P, right?
> Thanks in advance for any and all information.
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