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Subject: [Leica] Leica Shopping on the ebay
From: "Lee Yan Zhan" <>
Date: Sun, 24 May 1998 17:58:54 +0800

The key here is to check the seller's feedback before purchasing.  A yellow
star denotes at least 10 positive praises and green star denotes 100
positive praises.  Its true there are dealers there and some even getting
rid of their slow inventory.  Regardless of conditions, its really a factor
of price and value.  I've been purchasing Leica stuff thru the ebay without
any problems so far - ranging from $5 to $2500.  I would recommend that
anyone to correspond with the seller first and make an assessment on his
knowledge and sincerity before purchase.  Its no different from buying thru
catalog or phone.  There are genuine seller and bargains out there, as
there are I believe less sincere sellers or buyers.  I have avoided some
sellers with doubtful integrity.  Personally, I prefer the freelance
dealers in the ebay, they are normally quite responsive and friendly.  They
will not risk losing the Green Star over a negative comment!!  I have even
make friends with some.

Ebay on the Internet, like LUG, have already brought global communities
closer.  It is a great borderless concept whereby buyers and sellers can be
brought together to trade.  I believe when there is a critical mass, the
demand and supply will drive greater price efficiency among used dealers
which will benefit everyone.

On the whole, I've been buying rare finds or stuff that are at least 15%
cheaper than the dealers in US.  Just be patient and you will find someone
out there to trade directly without the dealer margins.

Hope this will help any LUGGERs interested in the ebay.

Best Regards,

Fellow LUGGER from Singapore

PS.  I am not related to ebay but I am a strong believer of the Internet
and electronic commerce.

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> Subject: Re: [Leica] [Fwd: eBay Auction Ended - Item 14474820: LEICA LENS
> Date: Saturday, May 23, 1998 5:36 AM
> Hi,
>   The same thing has happened to me to which I do not understand why.  I
> have bought a lot from ebay these days.  Generally, it is ok but a lot of
> sellers are dealer type and do not care too much about the detail.  They
> not bother to check the very basic functions sometimes.  I had several
> extremely good deals on Leica stuff while I had to spend some money to
> return the items quite a few times because of malfunctions or hidden
>   The worst was Leicaflex SL.  The seller described the condition of the
> top plate as it was the overall condition while he was hiding the
> of the bottom plate.  When I received it, the bottom plate was like hell.
> I tried to get hold of the seller in vain.  He never showed up again.
>   There are always two sides.
> Regards,
> David