Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1998/03/12

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Subject: Re: Plastic & Dale ( was: [Leica] What happened ?)
From: Alfred Breull <>
Date: Thu, 12 Mar 1998 20:15:01 +0100

At 08:04 12.03.1998 -0800, Dale R. Reed wrote:
>Alfred Breull wrote:
><snip> plastic in the M6. <snip>
>I must have missed something here.  What do you guys have against


a total of four words out of a reply ... ok, another aspect:

The view of functionalism is not the only standpoint - there 
are also many traditional and irrational aspects, which do have 
a very personal and signifcant meaning.

These aspects - beliefs, attitudes, and persuasions, not to speak
of emotions - are strongly related to "the" Leica, the one that's 
reliable, the one you can trust, the one that never let's you down,
no matter what.

It's something like a beloved old melody, whose harmony you 
feel inside. All single aspects are important in this harmony,
and you guess correct, I'm not exactly a friend of re-interpretations 
or covers (?, word). They feel diffrent - it's not the same anymore. 

We all have our little merrits, don't we ? 
If I'd want a plastic camera I'd buy one. 

And to reply to your next argument, before you ask: 

I'd prefer any Leica from IIIf to M5 to a CD Leica, even 
if she had an Apo-Super-Macro-Giga-lens. I'd use her as a 
new tool, probably, but I'd prefer the others. They feel solid, 
they can be trusted.

But, I admit, that an M6-0.85 with the 40+ years reliability 
(maybe as the new type Leica/ Solms warranty) and the "release 
button feeling" of an M2 would be fine also.  :)


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Alfred Breull

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