Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1997/12/22

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Subject: Re: [Leica] 21mm Super Angulon
From: CapsTeeth <>
Date: Mon, 22 Dec 1997 11:07:48 EST

In a message dated 97-12-21 13:36:36 EST, you write:

> 1) Can you use the 21mm Super Angulon on an M6 and also use the meter?
>  2) Are any of the 21mm finders better than others, i.e. is there some
>  types/versions that should be avoided?
>  3) Is there more than one version of the 21mm SA, i.e. before and after the
>  M5?
>  4) What should a mint 21mm SA cost in the U.S.?
>  5) Is it worth paying more for an SA than an early version of the 21mm
>  Elmarit assuming both are perfect examples?
                 My suggestions are to definitely get a MBG on that "mint" SA
and then shoot a test-roll with it.  I was lucky to have done this.  My "mint"
late-model black SA had evidently been tampered with because it was unevenly
unsharp...glad I was able to return it.   While I was searching for another
one I checked out a new 21 ASPH and liked it so much I bought it.  I've seen
color (chrome) images made with the non-ASPH 21 and the SA and can't see why
the Elmarit gets panned so much.  The 21-ASPH has better resolution in the
corners than the non-ASPH and less vignetting than the SA.     As for finders,
I concur that the new Leica plastic finder is much nicer optically than the
older one.  The only problem is that the plastic foot is very poorly secured
to the case.  I used a tiny dental drill to cut retentive channels in the
pedestal and the case where they join, then filled them in with dental resin.
It's on to stay now (much stronger than any glue) at the sacrifice (no big
one) of the ridiculous little flimsy plastic locking mechanism.  I now have a
solid pedestal and a great finder.  Also check out the Bower finder (chrome
metal, large and round but very bright) and the Russian square 20mm finder,
which has parallax correction.