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Subject: Re: Leica/Nikon/Canon
From: "Dan Post" <>
Date: Sun, 23 Nov 1997 23:00:40 -0500

Kodak has a digital camera based on the Nikon N90s body; the N90s is
apparently a favourite with journalists, and this made it familiar to those
mose likely to buy. Fujix also has a camera built along the same lines. Both
are really nice, mega-pixel cameras, but this Summer, I asked the price and
it was in the neighborhood of $13K, and as my Ole Daddy use to say, "That's
a nice neighborhood!" Lent new meaning to the adage- if you have to ask the
price you can't afford it! I think I'll continue to use my Leicas and scan
in my photos! $13K would buy a LOT of Leica glass!
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From: hmcclary <>
To: LUG <>
Date: Sunday, 23 November, 1997 1:02 PM
Subject: Re: Leica/Nikon/Canon

>>Nikon has a digital back
>> I hear.  Anyone of info on it?
>I think the digital back Nikon has was developed in a joint effort by
>Kodak and the associated Press and is available on both Canon EOS and the
>Nikon system.  I know that here in Nashville both daily newspapers have
>gone digital and the Banner uses Nikon and the Tennessean uses Canon.
>The digital apparatus is pretty much the same just mounted on a different
>body, maybe Eric could shed more light on this since his paper is going
>Harrison McClary