Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1997/11/11

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Subject: Re: "De-meterizing myself"
From: (Jeremy Kime)
Date: 11 Nov 97 14:57:00 GMT

I had a Leica II when I was at college, (a Leica D to our colonial 
friends...) and shot mostly in artificial light. Dullish, but lit, interiors 
seemed to be 1/20th sec (have you got that spped available now?) wide open 
on my Summar at F2, shooting on 400 ASA (ISO) b/w film, which I suppose 
offerred some latitude.
This might help.
Jem Kime
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To: KIMEJ44; ''
Subject: Re: "De-meterizing myself"
Date: 05 November 1997 05:35

. It would
be great if we could find a basic exposure that would free those of us who
prefer to work intuitively and with T Leicas. There is a lightness in such