Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1997/11/11

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Subject: Re: Viso?
From: (Jeremy Kime)
Date: 11 Nov 97 15:48:00 GMT

Re: the previous statement...

The III can be
removed from the camera in one piece, the II must have its prism housing
removed to mount and unmount it. The III is bigger and taller than the
II; it's tall enough that it leaves an empty space between the bottom of
its prism and the camera top plate; I'm not sure, but I think this is so
it can be used on the M5, which is taller than a normal M body. The II
will definitly not fit an M5.


I used to run a Viso III with an M5.
Firstly, there are 3 modes to the Viso (III)'s operation.
Viz: mirror permanently up.
     fast mirror release, immediately prior to shutter blind travel.
     slow mirror raise, coincident with the (Viso) release being pressed 

The seperate release arm for the Visos has quite a long travel, several 
millimeters, compared to the ordinary camera shutter itself. And the M5 
requires a different Viso release to other M cameras, as the shutter release 
is in a different place relative to the height of the Viso, cf. M1-M4, and 
I have never seen this mentioned elsewhere, even in Leitz 
literature/catalogues, but I had one installed when I bought both together 
(an M5 and Viso III) from a knowledgable dealer. Sadly he didn't let me keep 
the old release arm, but the M5 version works on my present M6 though is 
screwed to one of its maximum settings.

Jem Kime