Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1997/11/03

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Subject: Re: Kennebunkport Seminar
From: ted grant <>
Date: Mon, 3 Nov 1997 14:15:33 -0500

Eric welch wrote:

<<<Like Yosemite the first weekend in June? C'mon Ted, you wanna play
Ansel Adams? :-) >>>>>>

Moi? :)

Gee whiz Eric, 

I'm not sure I can handle those great big "box cameras!" :)  But would it
be OK if I use my R8, Super sharp Leica glass with super slow film and
shoot the whole roll at one of those zone things he always talked about? :)

Just kidding of course.

At one time (when I didn't know the difference of "fine art" pictures and
crap!")  I never could stand Ansel's work, simply because I thought he was
just a rock and fern and peeling paint technician.  (Please don't everyone
jump on me, that was in the real olden days)  Now that I'm mature & wiser
(??) big question mark!  I've learned to appreciate what he did.

I think "Yosemite the first weekend in June?" sounds fine, but as I said
earlier it's not my call, but will pass it on for another suggestion to