Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1997/11/02

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Subject: RE: roll call
From: (Nowell Creadick)
Date: Sun, 2 Nov 1997 21:23:44 -0500 (EST)

Kim...wanted to say hello since I too am in the music biz....own a violin
shop called Hillmusic here in Chapel Hill NC.....previously owned a guitar
shop called Oxbow Music. You may get to know a friend of mine Michael
Kelsh...good fellow, musician, songwriter...Nowell

>Name:           Kim Sherman
>Age:              36 as of July 22
>Marital status:  Soon to be single again;   No children.
>Training:         B.A. English, History  Belmont University, Nashville
>Current Profession:   Co-owner, Cotten Music Center, Nashville
>Cotten's website:
>Shop specializes in handmade and small-shop acoustic guitars.  We spend our
>days matching the right guitar with the right player and listening to
>songwriters/artists who've just gotten (or lost) that killer deal.  We're
>soon to be offering digital images on our website.  I just purchased a Sony
>Mavica FCD-7 digital camera for the shop's use.
>Residence:    Nashville, TN
>Former Profession:  Asst. V.P. Field Sales, Ingram Book Company, Nashville;
>worked for Ingram nine years before quitting the corporate stage and
>becoming a small business owner.  I'm working as hard or harder than ever,
>but it's greatly rewarding.
>Photo background:  self-taught; began when a teenager with the family Nikon
>FM-2; put all photo activies aside during college and only recently began
>again.  First Leica ever used:  my husband's M-2R and 35/2 Summicron.  I
>was hooked on the Leica and the images it could produce from that point.
>I'm still a true novice but I shooting with Leica, and I'm learning more
>Leica CL (purchased 3 years ago--it was my first Leica of my own); also,
>companion 40/2 Summicron and 90/4-Elmar C lenses.
>M-2 (1962)
>M-6 (1995, chrome)
>35/2 (latest spherical version)
>50/2 (latest)
>75/1.4 (on order)
>Luna-Pro digital meter
>Film favorites:  Was using Ilford XP-2 and TMAX 100.  Now using TMAX400CN
>almost exclusively for B&W, with some TMAX 100, some Delta 100.  Color
>negative film....still experimenting with finding the one(s) right for me.
>Other interests:  my 10-year old Tonkinese cat  (she loves being
>photographed); playing and collecting guitars (old Gibsons, new Collings);
>collecting and using fountain pens (mostly vintage, a few new); collecting
>first edition--in particular, modern poetry and southern fiction;  also,
>spending time with friends, working out, collecting & drinking red wines.