Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1997/11/03

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Subject: Re: Roll call
From: (Jeremy Kime)
Date: 03 Nov 97 10:58:00 GMT

>Jacques Bilinski, 43 years old (born same year as the Leica Ms)
> My other hobby is small wheeled Moulton Bicycles. Enthusiasts of
>these have their own list like the LUG.

Jacques, good to read another Leica M user is a Moulton rider. I've just 
ordered the respraying of my repaired frame this morning with Shawn Moulton 
at the factory, in yellow.

I'm 40, and saw the Leitz in 1975 when at college acquiring my first Leica, 
a model II for 15GBP, since then I moved to M series in the early 80's and 
got my present M6 last Christmas.
Other bodies inc. an M4-2, M1 (converted to M4), CL, II, IIIb, Mini Zoom, 
Leicina Super, R3 and SL.
Lenses start at:
Super Takumar 15mm adapted for SL/R
16mm Fisheye Distagon adapted for M
21mm 3.4 S/A (M)
28mm 2.8 Ricoh GR (LS)
35mm 1.4 Summilux-M
50mm 1.4 Canon (LS)
50mm 2 Summicron - M
90mm 2.8 Tele-Elmarit
90mm 2 Summicron
135mm 4 Elmar - M

A Viso III with bellows
400mm 6.3 Telyt V (+ adapter to SL/R)
Novoflex 640mm 8 (+ 2x converter)

and sacks full of stuff I think will come in useful but gathers no dust in 
boxes which are fun to rummage through every so often!

I work as a BBC TV producer, which gives me scope to indulge in photographic 
composition through direction, and more latterly as camera operator in our 
new 'multiskilling' world...

I've had a few small exhibitions, been sponsored by the Arts Council here 
once or twice, favourite photographic pastime is making books of themed, 
sequenced, photos. Most photography output is neccessitated by membership of 
the Leica Postal Portfolios society, wherein members circulate their work 
(in folios through the post/mail) to fellow members for mutual criticism. 
There are approx. dozen 'circles' each specialising in a different technique 
(large b/w prints, small colour, transparencies, photojournalism, etc.) with 
usually a dozen or so members in each circle. Each year there is a weekend 
'get together' for exhibition and AGM. I edit the magazine (bi-annual) 
entitled, 'LPP News' (great title, huh?!), yet, so far, Leica have not seen 
fit to deluge the hon. editor with 'promotional' gifts of R8s, M6s etc...

Jem Kime
Manchester, England.