Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1997/11/01

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Subject: Kennebunkport Seminar
From: "Thomas J. Donovan" <>
Date: Sat, 1 Nov 1997 11:22:23 -0500


Let me tell you it was fantastic!  Being next to the ocean, fresh seafood,
great weather, quality gear & GREAT people. Fellow LUGnuts, who were there,
it was great to meet you. And then of course learning from Ted Grant ;-) !

Finally got to compare the R-80 f1.4 & R- 90 f2 ( Much thanks to John
Coleman; fellow LUGnut ) who loaned me his R-80 f1.4.  The R-80 f1.4 was
much more to 
my liking; ordered one this week. I also purchased a R-35 f2 while I was
there & really love the slides from this lens. 

Ernst Hartmann ( Leica USA ) replaced my R8 split image screens with the
new plain ground glass screens; what a difference! A far cleaner view for
composition & it seems, to me, a much brighter view!

I shot some images( with the R-80 f1.4 ) of a lady, from the hotel, in
indirect light at f1.4 & f2 ( vertical format ) The way her eyes snapped
in/out of focus was great; viewfinder brightness was awesome! The slides
were beautiful; color & sharpness were great. There seems to be a special
glow with this lens that I haven't seen before; I'm looking forward to
better understanding it's ( R-80 f1.4 ) unique qualities!

All in all, a magical time for my wife & I in Kennebunkport!

Thomas Donovan