Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1997/10/29

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Subject: Re: Roll call
From: Luiz Otavio Marinho <>
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 1997 10:29:42 -0200

Luiz Otavio Marinho
23 in February ( THE YOUNGEST OF THE LIST!!!)=20
S=E3o Paulo - Brazil (We don=B4t live in trees... I don=B4t like bananas)

English Student...
Single, with a smart girlfriend who helps
a lot when I have to run from the police to save my films
before they take them from me...

I=B4m the ALPA(The new generation) representative for Brazil, at this=

Professional Photographer since 19 years old... I began my carrer when I
was 8 because I travelled a lot around the world with my mother in my early
10=B4s. And she gave me a camera in our first trip. Then I began to improve
my photography trip by trip. Of course I took courses and workshops to be a

(But When I read a resume like Ted=B4s I consider myself only a Amateur...
Advanced maybe...)=20

I used to work with fashion, model angencys... Elite, Ford, Etc...=20

Now I work with Musicians(for Cd Folders), Portraits, Events,
Institutional, Industry, special projects, etc...=20

I like very much street photography, and I always carry my Leica M6 and
50/2.8 with me, everyday, everywhere... =20

Passions: my Leicas and my Land Rover 110 SW.=20
The best combo in the world: Leica + Land Rover=3D Great Landscapes=20

Regrets: I=B4m too young to have this...  But when I bought the F5...

My equip:


2 M6
1 M4
1 M3
1 IIIc =20
and Lenses, Bags, Tripods, Cups, Pins, Etc...=20


1 F
1 F3HP
1 F5
and Lenses, Flashes, Etc...

75% B&W, 15% Slides and 10% Color Negs. =20

3 Years ago...
 My aunt gave me the IIIc from her husband who was a Luftwaffe pilot in=
 The camera was in a drawer since her husband death in 1972(I born in 75).=
 After I got that IIIc in my hands I began to discover the Leica world...
Now I=B4m a crazy young men who reads at least 30 messages a day about Leica
in a virtual place named LUG.=20

 Luiz O. Marinho
 S=E3o Paulo - SP.
 Brazil (under construction)