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Subject: CLE downunder
From: (Alastair Firkin)
Date: Mon, 1 Sep 97 14:44:10 -0700

> From: Vince Lamberti <>

> Alistair,
> I'm an Aussie currently living and working in Holland.  I've recently
> snagged a mint- CLE (refer other em's) and am interested to know what
> they're selling for in Australia.  My key interest is the CLE body
> since I intend to use Leica M lenses, however I'd also appreciate some
> feedback on the Rokkor and Leitz-C lenses.

G'day Vince,

The CLE is not a common camera in Australia. The only body I've seen
personally was selling privately for $500 but that was 8 years ago. They do
appear in the camera shops, and now with a 40 lens sell for around $1500.

I bought the whole set in 1985 for $900 and sold it for $1600. As I have
said, there were some internal problems real, and imagined which prompted
my action, though I miss the little devil. The set and another are both for
sale now close to the $2500 mark. Just before selling the set, I'd decided
like you to keep it, and had bought the Rokkor 90. I paid $400. Till then
I'd used the Elmar C 90 which was the lens designed for the CL Leica. I've
kept that lens. If you have a CLE body, I would strongly recommend the use
of the lens set. They are compact and of outstanding quality. You can use
the CLE with the visoflex and some people have adjusted the firing arm to
suit the position of the Minolta shutter release. You will have problems
with the 135 due to the limit of the rangefinder base and the lack of frame
guide, 50mm lenes do not bring up an accurate frame and the Noctilux
obscures the rangefinder window and cannot be focused [a real problem for
this lens]. Some of the early 21 will restrict the lightmeter. ie I like
the body for its compact shape and would strongly recommend its
specifically designed accessories [including the flash if you can find one
which works, though all Minolta PX series units will give you OTF flash.]
Fantastic camera, good luck.

Alastair Firkin

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