Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1997/07/17

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Subject: Re: 24mm Aspheric Lens Question
From: ted grant <75501.3002@CompuServe.COM>
Date: 17 Jul 97 23:09:42 EDT

Richard wrote:

<<<Perhaps with the 24mm, you can get good coverage but without that
"wide angle look" and without distortion.>>>>>>>

Well gee whiz Richard I guess I'll screw-up your photographic life and say, "Buy
the 15mm R lens and put it on the R 7, 8,? camera and make sure you use it
perfectly horizontal and vertical and you'll have the most incredible wide angle
no distortion images you have ever seen. :) And if done well, you'll have a
great picture and it wont look like a super wide angle shot. It'll just look
bloody marvelous! :)

And everyone will say, "how did you do that?" And you'll just smile and say,
"Gee whiz, cause I'm good!" :)

Now I don't want to cause you any stress after just acquiring the new  M glass
:) with this suggestion, but if you like wide angle this will freak you out. :)

As far as the 28mm and the 24mm on the M, I guess it depends on how and where
you are using either for the best effect. I use my 28mm far more on the R camera
than the one I have for the M and will probably get rid of it and pick-up the
new 21. As I've always had the 21, f3.4.

Besides I've got a friend who wants a 21 and can't afford new, so I'll cut him a
good deal for the 3.4 and possibly the M 28 and go for the 21 2.8. myself.

Don't know if this has been of any help other than creating more confusion in
your otherwise stable life. :)