Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1997/07/10

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Subject: Re: Newbie to Leica
From: Dave Munroe <>
Date: Thu, 10 Jul 97 11:19:33 PDT

> I am interested in getting my first Leica and am leaning toward an M3
> with a 50 Summicron, possibly an Sumilux. Particularly the M3 since the
> finder is full frame 50.
> Is there anything that I should know before purchasing one? Is there a
> better body that I should consider?

Keep in mind that there are three variations on the M3 body.  One variation
does not have the PV (preview) lever for the additional focal lengths (90mm
and 135mm).  If you mount a 90 or a 135, the correct frame does come into
view, so that's not a problem.  With the preview lever, however, you can
select these frames with the 50mm mounted.  Another variation has the preview
lever, but with "old style" shutter speed settings (1/25 etc.), and the other
variation has the modern sequence.

If you think you might want a lens shorter than 50mm, you may want to consider
an M4.  The M4 also has a more convenient loading system (the M3 has a take-up
spool; the M4 does not).

- -Dave