Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1997/01/12

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Subject: Re: Back to HC110
From: "Charles E. Albertson" <>
Date: Sun, 12 Jan 1997 18:52:28 -0800

At 05:52 PM 1/12/97 -0700, you wrote:
>Two members of LUG informed me today that Rodinal may not last very long
>after the bottle has been opened. I was not aware of this.
	That hasn't been my experience. It changes color over time, from a pale
wheat color to dark brown, after you crack a bottle open, but I've never
noticed a loss of potency as a result. But others' evaluations may be more
rigorous than mine, and in fact Agfa recently announced that it's
discontinuing the 500 ml bottle because it thinks the stuff goes flat
before most people go through a whole bottle. So once the current inventory
of 500 ml bottles is gone, it will only be available in the 125 ml size.

>If this is so, I will experiment with HC110 in the near future. Meanwhile, I
>plan to take my Tmax3200 to the local "pro" laboratory. I know that they use
>Tmax developer, because they developed my TriX in it before. The reason for
>this is that the roll has images of my daughter using X-mas light
>illumination. (If I see coma, I shall so report. Incidentally, I used my
>trusty Type-2 50mm Summicron.)
	You might also try Kodak's new Xtol developer. I've only tried it with a
few rolls of TMax 3200, but have been quite satisfied with the results. As
good as T-Max developer in terms of speed, grain, sharpness, etc., and a
bit cheaper to boot.

Chuck Albertson
Seattle, Wash.