Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1997/01/04

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Subject: Re: Tripod
Date: Sat, 4 Jan 1997 20:35:07 -0500

Let's see. My favorite all around is a Maestro w/ gearhead. Heavy as a
Lincoln, can withstand hurricane winds and looks neat with a Minox LX
mounted on it.

Seriously, I keep a Minox tripod w/ each camera. It is amazing what it will
handle. I've even used it w/ the ETRS. Comes complete with a cable release
built in. Set up, this tripod is just the right size to set up against a
building, other support or I set it against my chest, exhale and release the

For a larger carry around I use a Gitzo Gilux Laisir with their their little
ball head. 3 leg sections which wipe off easily and in typical Gitzo fashion
are easy to lock/unlock. The ball head won't support the ETRS as well as the
Minox though. It folds to about 20 inches. I've used mine in the Everglades
and other swampy areas for over 5 years and no sign of rust or corrosion. I
recently received a small Cullman, which is far less in quality than the
Gitzo, but the head is more substantial than the Gitzo and may swap it onto
the Gitzo.

Oh, is it official that we are now LUGnuts?

At 06:16 PM 1/4/97 -0500, you wrote:
>Tripod help please:
>I am looking for a tripod which I can carry in my daypack. Just got back from
>the camera shop and was shown Bogen and Linhof . I was wondering what
tripods and heads LUGnuts might be using. 
>I would like to try some night photography, panoramas, and general scenery
shots. Weight is a critial item, ability of the head to do panoramas, and
>general compactness of the 'pod and head when stowed. Since I am going to
>use this when I hike, I probably am going to stick this 'pod in mud, snow and
>water. It should be able to take this treatment without a lot of TLC.
>Suggestions are welcome!
>Thanks in advance
Brian Levy, J.D.
Agincourt Ont.