Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1996/12/23

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Subject: Re: Advice on a trade
From: Mark Bergman <>
Date: Mon, 23 Dec 1996 17:45:00 -0800

Ben Holmes wrote:
> Marc James Small pondered:
> >I'm really not certain I follow what Ben's needs are.  Most of the Leica
> >lenses will focus to .7m (28") or so, and there's always the NF Summicron.
> >That ought to fill the frame with the face & hands of an infant.  And 1m
> >(40") is the minimum focus on all the 90mm lenses, so this ought to also
> >fill the frame as required.
> Ben thoughtfully replied:
> Actually, Marc, the smallest frame that I can cover with my 90mm is 13.4 X
> 8.9 in.. I just measured my sons face and found it to be under 6 in. wide.
> Now if I wanted to make a picture of, say, his eyes only - or one eye - I'd
> have to crop. I don't crop. I use an oversized negative holder and print my
> frame edges.
> >
> Marc continued to speculate by writing:
> >Getting rid of Leica and into another system altogether to fill one narrow
> >need which, at least from the information at hand, Leica seems to meet
> >already seems of questionable wisdom.
> >
> Now, where did I say that I was getting rid of Leica? I said A Leica (of
> which I have several). AND it's one that I don't even use. Where did I say
> that I was getting "into another system altogether"? I'm considering A
> single SLR body w/ a micro lens. As far as my "one narrow need": this is my
> first and only child - the most beautiful thing in my life. If this is
> considered a narrow need then the world is far worse off than I ever
> suspected. He is the absolute center of my universe. Now, if you're going to
> suggest that I buy a Viso - please don't. They're cumbersome and quirky at best.
> In the mean time, if anyone has some REAL advice, intended to help me not
> flog me, please offer it up. If not, hurl some more flames so's I can swat
> them down like flies. AAAARRRRRGGGGGGH!!!
> Ben Holmes
> Pirate of Wall Street
Ben the same offer was made to me by the same gentleman.  It seemed like
a very fair trade but I could use the money more than another Nikon. 
moneywise I think your very, very close in value.  And I think that was
your orginal question <G>