Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1996/10/01

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To: "'leica-users'" <>
Subject: RE: M6 Problems?
Date: Tue, 01 Oct 96 10:55:00 EDT
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>I have a very dear friend who I ran into at the local coffee house this
>morning. She spent more than a few minutes complaining how her M6 (brand
>new) started behaving rather badly. It seems the meter simply wouldn't work
>no matter what she tried. She returned it to the dealer who replaced it 
>a new one. I have heard more than a few rumblings about meter reliability 
>the M6 body. I am aware that there are several versions of this camera, I
>assume though that hers was the latest. Is this a problem or just bad luck?

Data point: M6 SN 16XXXXX never had a meter probelm.  Its always been
reliable and accurate either after a sand storm or under a light drizzle. 
folks have mentioned that the current version is different than mine.

>Could it be that those Germans are not as talented in the electronics dept.
>as they are in the machine shop? I recall similiar feelings when my 1993 C2
>wouldn't start after being left in the snow.

Data point: 1984 Carrera (first year with Bosch black box) never had a 
Always started and ran in Chicago winters and Texas summers.  I knew others
who did have big problems; at about $1250 replacement cost.

    The black box is truly the
>antichrist of consumerism.


 - Kevin