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Subject: Re: Re: Leica M6 competition...
From: Wolfgang Sachse <>
Date: Mon, 10 Jun 1996 08:46:14 -0400 (EDT)

> >                                                         ... or else
> > we would see a Japanese interchangable lens rangefinger.  (Other than
> > the Mamiya medium format...)
> You are right, moreover i think to buying a Mamiya 7. But the price is as
> hight as the Leica's rate
> Mamiya 7 = M6 medium format.
> What is your opinion ?

	Hi -

	Excuse me for jumping in. I have an M6 plus three lenses
	but I like landscape photography without film grain and
	superb gradations of color. So I bought M7 with 65mm/f4
	lens. It's a wonderful camera - but far more fragile
	than the M6. All plastic. Also requires batteries to
	operate (for shutter and exposure meter; manual film
	advance.) And mine already had a shutter (in the lens)
	replacement. But I've just gotten back from 10 days in
	the Julian Alps and ballooning and the pictures are
	spectacular and the weight is not too burdensome to carry
	(at least to 2000 meters).

	I sometimes also use the M7 in the "panorama" mode with
	the 35mm film adaptor in place. Much less expensive to
	operate and most photo shops which can print 120 film,
	can also print the 24 X 66mm negatives on 5 X 7in prints
	with the edges black. Very nice to send as postcards.

	If you want to see more panorama pictures taken with
	M7, check out:

	There is an excellent user report about the M7 (with no
	advertising non-sense) that appeared in the medium format
	user group. I can send you a copy if you wish. It's a bit long.

	-- Wolfgang

> PS: I take advantage of this mail, to apologize for speaking an English
> brokenly . I hope to dont horrify your ears   :-)))

	Your English is far better than my French. It took me
	several tries to pass my French language requirement
	as a graduate student!
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