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Subject: Re: SM shutter problem
From: Nick Jackson <>
Date: Fri, 07 Jun 1996 20:07:19 +0800
Organization: EP Associates Ltd Architects
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Alex Hurst wrote:
> Hi Group.
> I'm having a minor problem with my oldest SM Leica 1 of 1932 vintage.
> Having performed faultlessly since I bought it, the shutter's now sometimes
> not running down properly.
> I seem to remember reading somewhere that the cure for this is a small drop
> of oil (but what oil?) where the long spring on the base of the camera is
> tripped by the release rod (or whatever trips it).
> a) Is this a cure?
> b) What lubricant is recommended (remember I'm in Ireland)?
> c) Should I even attempt this in the first place?

I am having a similar problem with my IIIc where the shutter doesn't fire properly, often at different 
shutter speeds, and irritatingly randomly.  The frame ends up exposed for about 5mm on one 
edge, and the rest doesn't get exposed.

I have just taken it in to get it checked out (or rather my wife who is on her way back to London) - 
will let you know what the reason/cure is on its return - but would also be interested to hear what 
the likely problem is.  Is it a common problem of the aged screwmount mechanism, or just 

Nick Jackson
Kuala Lumpur

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