Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1996/04/19

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Subject: Re: 'Real picture and real time'
From: (TK Chan)
Date: Fri, 19 Apr 1996 21:52:35 +0800 (HKT)

On 18 April 1996 Eric Welch wrote:

>As for the R7, it is much smoother than the R3, R4, R5 or R6. Many
>people, including myself, who have used the R7 know that it is so much
>smoother that you actually get sharper hand-held pictures, especially at
>moderate shutter speeds. And it can't be the same shutter, because the
>R7 is digital while the previous cameras (except the R6 of course) are

I have not really tried to take pictures with the R7 but its shutter release
gives me  the same mechanical feel as the R4/R5 series.  And I am still
convinced that the R3 has a smoother shutter release of the R series.
Besides, I am a bit uneasy with the 'thickened' base which totally destroy
the original elegant R design, which I was given to know is by Porsche.

Regarding the digital / analog release, I tend to think that it refers to
the controlling electronics, i.e. the chip. On the other hand, the shutter
mechanism, which no matter how electronic it is, still composed of some
mechanical parts. And it depends very much on the operation of these
mechanical parts to give a smooth release. May be it is an improvement over
the previous R series.

Anyway, in view of your recommendation, I shall go back and have a second
look. It is on sale here in Hong Kong - about US$2000 for the body.
>And considering the compromises to buying an SL, there's no way most
>people would consider it a good deal. Too many lenses don't work on
>them, and the motors are massive.

Yes and no, my 7 R lenses, from 24mm to 180mm have the SL coupling cam so a
SL II will be perfect for me. Generally, however, I agree that the
compromise is not a good deal at all.

TK Chan