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Subject: Enough bandwidth for film leaders?
From: (C.M. Fortunko)
Date: Sat, 06 Apr 1996 11:08:06 -0700


I really think that this film-leader thing has run its course. 

Initially, I also had problems loading my M6. However, I figured out a
personal approach that works. 

It seems to me that people who opt for mechanical cameras should exhibit a
minimum of mechanical aptitude it takes to load the film. We all agree that
Leica M cameras are manual cameras. This is really a misnomer. What it means
is that it takes a little thought to use this type of camera. Otherwise,
they should drop all pretense and start using on of the many
"wunderplastick" things and the likes of Contax G1. Meany of these new boxes
feature more foolproof, yes-foolproof, design ideas. However, they lack
other essential features, like a good viewfinder and the features that would
enable on to use the camera creatively. (I don't wish to offend anyone. My
11-year-old daughter takes wonderful pictures with my wife's Leica
"wunderplastick" Minizoom camera. All it takes is talent.)

Today, I am in California. It is a great day. However, it is too contrasty
for my style of photography. Sun and photos do not always mix. I like days
when the sky is not so blue and hazy. 

Again, best regards and have a great weekend,

>>I've never had much problems loading my II and IIIa, but the IIIg is a real
>>problem. To load the IIIg in less than an hour, I have to cut a veeerry
>>long film leader, much longer than for the other screwmounts I have tried.
>>Can anyone tell me if Leica made any changes to the film transport
>>mechanism, or if this is more a fault with my camera?
>I've never encountered this withmy IIIg. It loads about the same as my IIIa
>or IIIf, with the exception of using the "M" takeup spool. I use the same
>leader trim as with my other screw mount cameras.
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