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To: Laurent Saminadayar <>
Subject: Re: France vs USA
From: Tom Hodge <>
Date: Mon, 18 Mar 1996 07:43:28 -0500 (EST)

Bon jour, Laurent.  Comment allez vous?

On Mon, 18 Mar 1996, Laurent Saminadayar wrote:

> I would like to know the price of the Leica M6 body (Black) as well as
the price of the M 2/35 (Silver ) in the USA.

I will be glad to look thru some current magazine advertisements for you, 
but..... Is it possible to send it by
post (safely)?

Safely?  It's a risk, sure.  Well insured, it should not be of concern.  
If it is lost or stolen, let the insurance cover it's replacement.
What SHOULD be of concern to you is French customs.  I am not "picking" 
on France alone - it could well be the same with every country.  They all
want their "slice of the pie" on import duties when it comes to expensive
items.  They could very well impose a tariff or duty on the item so high
it would be cheaper to buy it in Europe than attempt to buy one here and
have it shipped to you there.  You essentially have no choice.  After
paying many thousands of USD equivalent for the camera and lens, they
could literally grab you by the throat and demand quite a lot more as an
import fee.  How can you refuse??  Fail to pay it and they keep your 
camera...and "raffle" it off to the highest bidder at the next government 
auction of siezed goods!

I don't think this avenue of buying one is the way to go. might be cheaper to plan well ahead, fly to the US for a
long weekend, buy the camera and simply walk off the airplane back into
France with it hanging around your neck - returning tourist.  Care to
speculate how much stuff crosses borders that way?  <<<I personally know
of one Rolex that entered the US in that exact manner many years ago!!!  I
forgot the person's name. :):):):)>>> I also know of a laptop computer
that entered Sweden the same way - it was "accidentally" left behind by
the person taking it in.  (Not me!!) And later claimed on insurance as
"stolen" in Europe and replaced at full value and more by the traveler's
insurance company. 

I'm not advocating anything illegal.  I simply know it's not been 
objectionable by some people on these small, expensive personal items.  
The big risk is.....if you get caught, you lose the item(s), face stiff 
financial penalties and might end up in jail.  Smuggling isn't viewed 
kindly anywhere.

Let your conscience be your guide.


> Best Rgards. > Laurent SAMINADAYAR > 7, Rue Decres >
75014 PARIS-FRANCE > +33 1 40 44 86 17 >

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