Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1996/02/23

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To: Adrian Tanovic <>
Subject: Re: M6 Suggestion Box
From: (Jean-Philippe Guilbaud)
Date: Fri, 23 Feb 1996 07:57:26 +0100
Cc: leica-users <>

>fellow LUG-nuts:
>If Leica were to update the design of the M6, what sorts of things would you 
>suggest?  Conceding the many features that are great about it, you must have 
>some ideas for improvements---unless it has you broken in so completely that 
>you cannot imagine doing anything differently.  I'll start the ball rolling 
>with my own (no particular order):
>1) Redesign the rewind crank, which is too small and slow.  I used to have an 
>Alpa, which had an ingenious extending handle, increasing the effective 
>leverage you could get on the mechanism, and making it much quicker than the 
>2) Make it possible to use the light meter without first advancing the film.  
>Sometimes after metering, you decide a shot is just not worth it, and are left 
>with the film tensioned.
>3) Make the viewfinder a bit more friendly for people with eyeglasses.  The 
>assumed pupil-point is too far forward.  Yes, there are diopter adjustment 
>lenses, but, first of all, these are not available in all strengths, second, 
>popping your glasses up and down to use the camera can be a pain, and third, 
>what if you want to hand your camera to a friend to take a shot?
>4) This suggestion's maybe a bit more difficult: give some information in the 
>viewfinder about what the area being metered is.  This could take the form of 
>dotted circles or something superimposed along with the bright lines.

5) Make it possible to use half speed stops, higher syncho-speed and higher
shutter speed than 1/1000 

My 2 cents.