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Subject: Re: Fwd: Re:Canadian vs. Wetzlar
From: (Jean-Philippe Guilbaud)
Date: Mon, 19 Feb 1996 07:48:26 +0100

>Date: Mon, 19 Feb 1996 07:46:19 +0100
> (Mel Weinstein )
> (Jean-Philippe Guilbaud)
>Subject:Re: Fwd: Re:Canadian vs. Wetzlar
>>    I would like to respond to Curt very intelligent letter.  His 
>>comment about how to determine the sharpness and overall quality of a 
>>Leica lens is absolutely right.  Use a tripod whenever possible, focus 
>>very carefully, go to a good lab and get quality processing and use 
>>very good quality optics to view your slides or make your prints.  
>>Going to a one  hour photo lab that is using an inexpensive lens to 
>>make your prints defeats the whole purpose of shooting with a Leica in 
>>the first place.  It is like having a $5,000 stereo and $100 speakers.  
>>Also if you project slides taken with a Leica lens and are using a $50 
>>Kokak Carousel lens. How can you expect to see the true quality of the 
>>image?  If you are willing to spend the thousands of dollars it takes 
>>to invest in even a modest Leica system, don't be penny wise and pound 
>>foolish on the end result. I recently bought a Leica 90mm curved field 
>>projection lens and the difference is tremendous!  It is as close to 
>>being as sharp as the original slide as I have ever seen.  Of course it 
>>cost more than some other slide projectors with their lens, but if we 
>>weren't somewhat fanatical about the quality of our images, we wouldn't 
>>be using Leicas, we would be using cardboard throwaway cameras. 
>Thank you everyone for so many answers,
>Now, I know one thing : CANADIAN SUMMI f/2 M IS VERY GOOD, but mine has a
>defect. I am unlucky. It can happen sometimes. I decided to buy my friend's
>Summilux f/1,4. I like it very much. Last night, in my darkroom, I discovered
>once again, on Agfa Record Rapid FB paper, the very good pictures it produces.
>Kindest regards.
Jean-Philippe GUILBAUD
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