Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1996/02/15

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To: (Jae Redfern)
Subject: Komura viewfinder for 2x teleconverter
From: (Alex Hurst)
Date: Thu, 15 Feb 1996 15:28:00 +0000

Jae Refern wrote:
>        The second part of the question pertains to the Komura 2X
>teleconverter. I received it gratis, thrown in with a lens I bought. It
>seems solidly built and is rangefinder coupled (???). The inscriptions on
>this thing read:" Komura Lens MFG. Ltd. Telemore95 K.M.C for L.  Being
>coupled one would think to mount it directly between lens and camera but
>then how does one frame the shot? (Also the rangefinder patch does not
>travel to infinity.)
>        Another fellow poster mentioned having heard of a clip on
>viewfinder for this but I have searched high and low without success.
>        Would anyone either have or know of a source for an instruction
>manual for this thing?

Jae - I don't know if it was you I replied to last time, so at the risk of
repeating myself......

I actually have the Komura adjustable viewfinder which was normally sold
with the teleconverter. The reason I needed it was because I picked up a
200mm 4.5 Komura lens coupled for screw Leicas, and didn't have any 200mm
finders about my person.

I got the V/F thru the simple expedient of telexing the CEO of Komura in
Japan and explaining my problem. Much to my surprise he replied by return,
and a few hundred yen later I was the proud possessor of the appropriate

If Komura still exist, it's worth a try going to them direct.

Good luck.



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