Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1995/11/03

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To: Leica List <>
Subject: Re: Who owns Leica?
From: Eric Welch <>
Date: Fri, 3 Nov 1995 09:49:52 PST

** Reply to note from Charles Albertson <> 11/02/95  6:47pm
-0800 > Actually, I believe Leica Camera (in Solms) was bought out by its
current > management several years ago. That is correct. In fact, if I
remember correctly, it was in part a way of keeping a group of American
investors from getting their hands on it. Boy, imagine if that would have
happened. Leica would have probably become the Wal Mart of cameras. :-) No,
that's Sigma's job. I know, Leica would have maintained their "air" of
precision through fancy marketing while reducing labor costs by putting lots
of plastic in everything and reducing quality control. Shoot, how can any
company stay in business with a worker to inspector ratio of 2:1. And all
that expensive equipment built in house, and all that R&D into new glasses
and such. Sheesh, why don't we farm out lens assemby to Vietnam or Cambodia?
Or Mexico? And pay the workers minimum wage. Shoot, we'll just hold pep
rallys to keep their spirits up. Lot's better than all that expesnsive
training of skilled labor. Sarcasm mode off..... ;-) As a matter of fact, I
heard the American investors planned to kill off the R system and sell only
the M system. Which is stupid, since the R system sells better than the M
system about everywehere than the U.S. And with Leica profits up 30% last
year, I guess they much be doing something right. The only camera company to
post an increase in sales besides Leica was Contax. Is there a thread here?
How about precision and uncompromising quality?

Eric Welch 
Grants Pass, OR