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Subject: Re: M5 an inferior Leica?
Date: Wed, 12 Jul 95 18:50 PDT

>>another Leica convert.)  However, upon hearing of my newly acquired M5, most
>>Leica owners offer up a forced smile that seems to say "Oh, I didn't realize
>>that the Brooklyn Bridge was for sale."  Furthermore, I hear an almost
>>constant clamor for the M4 and M4P.  An equally great din is heard about the
>>M6.  Yet nowhere do I hear the praises of the M5 being sung.  Is it an
>>inferior camera to the earlier and later models?  

I read your message with great interest. Like you, I've just gotten into
a Lecia M. The one I happened upon is the M4-2 (Canada). I must say that
I simply love this camera. I purchased a separate MR meter and am quite
satisfied with the results I'm getting. In fact, that is a bit of an
understatement. Having used both an F3HP and Bronica SQA, I feel like
I'm getting far more personally satisfying images from the Leica. I never 
knew there was a term for it, but another user told me it's called the
"Leica Glow". Anyways, this is not what I was going to respond to.
Sorry for departing.

I'd like to hear more about the M5. I never hear anything about this
version and didn't know there was any other Leica M but the M6 that
has a built in meter! Everything I've read seemed to indicate that
the M6 was the first to incorporate this feature (excluding the CL
of course).

Do you or anyone else know when the M5 came out? What frame lines does
it offer? Can anyone direct me to an internet source of info on the
various Ms? I'd sure like to learn all I can about these cameras.


Cheers, Rene

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