Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1995/04/13

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Subject: Re: to buy leica for a reasonable price
From: (Henk Thijs)
Date: Thu, 13 Apr 1995 10:41:39 GMT

gordon banks wrote :
>I got my M2 and M5 
>from a newpaper photographer (surprisingly they were in good shape) who 
>was retiring.  Paid about half Shutterbug prices.  Got my M3 at a show, 
>not from a dealer, but from one of the people whose father had died and 
>showed up at the show to sell his stuff.  You can spot.................
Lucky you, i do not know what is meant by 'shutterbug' prices, but generally
speaking, prices in europe are more or less the same over the different
countries: very high. Even the people who are selling their equipment
directly know the prices very well.
But my main concern towards the 'easy way of finding leicas against a reasonable
price ' is the thing of lenses; what about a 'normal' 28 mm , or a 60 mm
macro? I would say that the body is the minor problem, an M3 in a good shape
can be found around 650 dollar and the R3 even for about 400 , but the lenses
stays on a very high price level. Different in America ?
greetings,  henk thijs

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