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Subject: Re: to buy leica for a reasonable price
From: (Patrick Sobalvarro)
Date: Thu, 13 Apr 1995 13:58:18 -0400

   Date: Thu, 13 Apr 1995 10:41:39 GMT
   From: (Henk Thijs)

   But my main concern towards the 'easy way of finding leicas against
   a reasonable price ' is the thing of lenses; what about a 'normal'
   28 mm , or a 60 mm macro? I would say that the body is the minor
   problem, an M3 in a good shape can be found around 650 dollar and
   the R3 even for about 400 , but the lenses stays on a very high
   price level. Different in America ?  greetings, henk thijs

I can only talk about R lenses, but last summer when I was in Germany
I compared Leica R prices with a cousin-in-law.  As far as we were
able to tell, on the used market in Germany one pays a lot more for R
lenses than we do here, perhaps 1.5 to 2 times as much.  As an
example, I got a 28/2.8 in like-new condition for $600 from KEH; he
said the price in Germany would be at least the equivalent of $1000.

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