Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1994/11/06

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Subject: M6J
From: Jeffrey Frey <>
Date: Sun, 6 Nov 1994 08:13:02 -0500

Retro-Leica fans might be interested in the new M6J, which was introduced
at Photokina.  It's an M6 on the inside, but the outside trim (bezels
around the Rf/VF windows, framing and self-timer levers) are those of the
M3. Well, the angled rewind knob is retained.  Trim on the battery cover
is colored to make it less visible.

The M6J comes complete with a bayonet-mount f2.8 collapsible Elmar; the Elmar
also comes with a satin-chrome shade which looks retro but I don't think really
relates to anything Back Then Thirty-Five Years Ago.  The M6J I saw also had
a retro eveready case (real stitched brown leather; it looked even more old-
fashioned than my 1962 M2 case) and came in a beautifully finished wooden
presentation box.  The price, at my favorite Leica discount shop in Tokyo,
was 608,000 Yen,  about $6500. these days. 

The availability of Platinum, Titanium, and various commemorative Leicas nowa-
days makes one wonder how many Leicas are sold to people who actually take
pictures.  I'm not against any of this, as long as it keeps E. Leitz in the
camera business.

Incidentally, what's the news about an M7?  I'm going to try my new Contax G1
out today--maybe that's the M7?


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